February 2019

Next Meeting

March 3rd at Fatz Cafe in Easley at 4:00p.m.

Next Event

February 16 - Road Trip around the Hurricane Creek area
We will be leaving from the Travelers Rest Walmart at 8:30a.m
and around 9:45 at the Pilot Truck stop (exit 24) in Canton NC.
Plan on lots of 'on road' and few trails as we explore the North
Carolina/Tennessee area around I-40. Bring lunch and
drinks for out on the trail

Upcoming Events

March 23 - Exploring the north Georgia mountians (Trey Mountian)
April 13 - "Wheeling for a Cure" at WindRock
May 18 - Clemson 4 Wheel Center's Poker Run
May 24 - 26 - SFWDA's Trail Fest at Hawk Pride in Tescumbia AL

Check out SFWDA '2019 Calendar of Events' section, they will be busy in 2019

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Off-Road Vehicle Park

We reserve the right to cancel rides or functions as we deem necessary.
It is the sole responsibility of the attending individuals to find out.